Er. Abhishek Kumar Gupta

Mobile – +9779840055850, 9808899111

MD of Abhiyan Educational Consultancy.

Abhiyan Educational Consultancy acclaims on the adequate guidance on strengthening educational career for university level courses. It is a need for today’s generation to get proper assistance not in terms of investment on education but in terms of visionary counseling. Since, the professional life course starts at the university level education. Abhiyan ensures for providing such motivational and objective based steps for getting towards academic success. We have buoyancy on our expertise as the team is with decades long experiences on different educational institutes, and the colleges/universities where we are guiding the learners are highly recognized in context of India and World.

We highlight on Diploma, Bachelor and Master Levels of courses where the updated curricula and professional course choices make students feel confident on their right choice. The colleges in India are well structured in terms of their infrastructures and well furnished for educational environment. So, our students are well-benefitted to get international level of learning opportunities not only for competitive academic performance but also for getting exposure to global learning environment. Such features automatically raise interest and learning attitude throughout the life.

We believe that India is a right choice for educational career for Nepali learners with its three pronged features. At first it is accessible to us geographically, financially and culturally. It gives a comfort zone to the learners not to be distracted from multicultural misunderstandings.Secondly the global certification we get after graduating from the universities keeps us competent to face professional challenges all over the world. Third fact is that the scope, we see and get exposed to, is a life learning in connection to colleges, which builds confidence for being established in global market.

So, we request you to keep faith on our credibility as we have devoted our life in educational arena with complete anticipation and commitment.