Why do a Bridge Courses ?

·           Help students to obtain scholarships in their targets college

·           Prepares students to compete successfully in the tough entrance tests of well known of higher Secondary School and Colleges.

·           Develops the interest of student in science and management

·           Enhances the spirit of competitiveness among students to do their best

·           Provides counseling to help students join the best colleges of Nepal and to clarify education and career pathways

·           Helps students to obtain scholarships in their target colleges

·           Assists students to utilize their post –SEE gap productively

Why do it at Abhiyan ?

·           The premier institute in Province No-2 for Bridge Course Preparation.

·           Well-planned program of teaching in a highly competitive environment.

·           We will make our students to get large number of scholarship in Top Rated College.

·           Highly successful coaching by experience and committed faculty

·            Purposeful classes , focused study, regular exam, periodical reviews and feedback

·           Ample Study Materials: 6 subject books, 12 sets of model questions.

·           Model tests every Saturday based on college entrance exam patterns with motivating Attractive prizes.

·           Additional features! Personality Development, Counseling, and Extracurricular Contests.

·           Scholarships giving to deserving students.

·           Impeccable system of administration with strict discipline for student, teacher as well staffs.