The Advanced Science Course (ASC) is one of the best –known, most effective, and popular Courses of Abhiyan. This Course has been specially designed for student stream at the higher secondary level.

The Advanced Science Course at Abhiyan has been specially developed to meet the needs of this student who face new keep up with the pace of their studies during this gap. Then, they need to bridge the curricular difference between high schools and higher secondary schools. Further, they need to get admission to reputed collages.

Moreover, as science is highly challenging, it requires careful and systematic preparation. A science student intending to become a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist has to work has to work really hard to grasp and to master the fundamental concepts of science.

This Course comprises two parts:

·           A  Foundation Course which instills the fundamental and applied concepts of science subjects

·           An Entrance Preparation Course which prepares students to compete in the Entrance tests of reputed colleges


·           Part (1) foundation Course

1. Physics     2. Chemistry    3.Mathematics    4.Botany     5.Zoology

·           Part (II) Entrance Preparations Coursers 

1. Science    2.Mathematics     3.English     4.G.K.