Who We Are?
Abhiyan Educational Consultancy is a dynamic institute which paves the paths for higher education pursuers with valued and varied provisions. It ensures the young generation to formulate their identity in relation to their academic achievements. It has been registered under Company Act 2006 of Nepal Government on 17-02-2017. In according to certificate of Company Incorporation the registration number is 164051.

Educational practices in Nepal are quite genuine even though the opportunities for wider range of educational exposure are in surface level. The team of Abhiyan has realized the fact of need for Nepalese students to guide them for the right choices of institutions, courses and enrollment process. The emergence of this consultancy by the team is to impart their skill and knowledge in the context of educational achievements.

We are enthusiastic in this field of work and positive towards our own initiation as our sources ensure us for this task. We predict that the majority of students are heading forth for the educational steps towards European countries along with India and Bangladesh. We claim that India is the right place to cope with financial as well as cultural adjustment of Nepalese students. This is the reason the students are allured for Indian educational enrollment.

We believe that we can establish ourselves in this task efficiently.