Pharm D

PharmD course introduced by the Government of India and Pharmacy Council of India in 2008. The Pharm.D program is a pre-PhD, post-graduate professional doctorate of 6 years. It was introduced to improve clinical pharmacy services in India and it is the only pharmacy service which is in direct contact with patient health care system. The first batch of Pharm.D post baccalaureate students graduated in August 2011 and 1st regular batch graduated in June 2014. The Pharm.D degree requires five years of classroom and hospital based didactic study (two years didactic post-baccalaureate course), followed by one year of internship training in hospitals in addition to ongoing practicals and research project.[5] With reference to Clarification on Pharm.D qualification,[6] it is clarified to all universities that Pharm.D is a post graduate degree and passing students can directly register for Ph.D From 2012. Pharm.D is approved by PCI only and MCI do not recognize this course in India. After the Amendment in August 2019,It is compulsory for hospitals to develop DIC(drug information centre).This DIC will be headed by a Pharm.D Holder. Another Cadre is created known as Clinical Pharmacist. The only and minimum required Educational qualification for this cadre is Pharm.D The Clinical Pharmacist must also assist the physician and medical representative to promote the wellness and correct use of medications

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