Er. Arjun Yadav

I watched the mirror as I suited up for my graduation and remembered the words my father told me when I turned 18, “Nothing good comes easy. It requires tenacity, capability and perseverance.” I found those words vague back then. But today, after all that I have achieved, when I peruse my growth in seven years, I understand how meaningful those words were. As I implemented my life’s very first business model of doing class projects to students at my school in the eleventh standard, I comprehended that I wanted to be different from the league and conveniently escaped the idea of a regular occupation. The first challenge I faced was after school, when I wanted to be a Computer Science engineer but my father wanted to me get into Mechanical. I had to select mechanical as my major. Subsequently, I failed a lot of subjects throughout my bachelor’s. After proving myself a complete failure, having faced immense criticism from acquaintances and family, in the final year I realised it was high time I began taking my degree seriously. With the kind guidance of my professors, I was able to clear my final year examinations.

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